Working with Carmine Van Deven, DO

Dr. Van Deven practices osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) which is the hands-on application of osteopathic principles. It is used to diagnose and treat many health-related issues. OMM identifies and addresses restrictions in all the tissues, fluids, organs, and physiologic systems of the body. The goal is to restore normal motion, which translates to normal function and health. There are a wide variety of techniques applied, from the very gentle to more direct, but all are applied with little force. Regardless of the technique, patients’ comfort and sense of wellbeing are the most important aspect of any treatment.

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As a new patient, your treatment is broken into two phases:

  • The Initial Consult
  • Ongoing Treatment

The Initial Consult is a 60-minute in-person appointment where Dr. Van Deven will give you a full evaluation and determine your treatment path.

Ongoing treatment can be 30- or 45-minute in-person appointments. Dr. Van Deven will guide you with the recommended frequency.



Initial Consult: $380. Includes a 60-minute in-person appointment.

Regular Follow-ups: $190 for 30 minutes or $285 for 45 minutes.