CCFM is a functional medicine clinic with experienced doctors and clinicians who offer patients a holistic, investigative approach to healthcare that is both high-tech and high-touch.

What is Functional Medicine?

In functional medicine, we address the underlying causes of your health problems (instead of just treating symptoms) so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to find the problem, and nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, stress management, detoxification, lifestyle changes, and—only in some cases when necessary—prescription medications to eliminate triggers and restore proper function and balance.

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Our Team

Our team of functional medicine doctors, associate clinicians and staff use a comprehensive approach to health and healing.

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Our main office is located in Kensington and we are working with patients in San Francisco and the Bay Area but are not limited to these areas – we also treat patients all over California and the US. All of our clinicians are now licensed for telemedicine in FL, so you will not have to make the trip to CA. Learn more about how we work with people at CCFM, get answers to frequently asked questions, and find out how to become a patient.

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Doctors at Kaiser told me I was in perfect health except I’d never been so sick in all my life. Six emergency room visits and thousands of dollars later, at my wits end, I found Chris Kresser. Sometimes the road to health involves finding a golden key and having enough information and support to unlock the door. Chris is that golden key. He figured out what was wrong when no one else could and helped me find my way back to health through the very sound principles of nutrition, stress-management and loving, integrative support. I got my life back. Thank you, Chris!

Gabrielle Glancy Patient of Chris Kresser

Dr. Schweig is the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, intuitive, and HE LISTENS. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. He really listens and adapts his recommendations to meet my needs. He understands that each patient is different and unique. His work is rooted in rigorous scientific research while also being compassionate, thoughtful and relying on his intuition. Dr. Schweig is a pleasure to work with.

Deena Thompson Patient of Sunjya Schweig